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Jonny & Michael

First CD 2017

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duo acoustic covers and originals

Local Vancouver Artists, Jonn Epplette (vocals) and Michael Foot (acoustic guitar) are passionate about music and are excited to share their versatile collection of acoustic covers and originals with you. They describe their Genre as an "Indie Acoustic fusion of Rock and Pop" Dreams2Reality, formed in 2017 to pursue opportunities to perform in local Vancouver pubs, restaurants, cafes and live music venues. The ultimate goal is to be recording original music with the hopes of getting their songs heard by the world. Jonn and Michael love music and all it has to offer!  With long and varied musical backgrounds, Dreams2Realityband is their outlet to follow their dreams of performing ballads and classic rock songs with their own flavour along with exciting new originals.  In September 2017, they released their first album, “Cover This”.  In July 2018 their second album, self titled "Dreams2Reality", was released. This was their first 'Originals' album. Currently loaded up With new material and plans to record their third album in the fall, Dreams2Reality is targeting early 2021 for another release. For more information or to keep in touch with Dreams2RealityBand please sign up on our mailing list. Thanks so much for the love and support.

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